November 17th, 2011

Буду хвастаться СТРАШНО!!!

получила от голландцев рассказ о вчерашней тренировке. Вау-вау!!! Приятно, черт.
Yesterday we had a great training. Our trainer (Sjef, remember him?), he had planned the entire training around your theories. We did the Swedish test. The chairman of our club was also present with his belgian shephard. He was picked last! After the food, after the tag toy and after his ball. :)))))) When it was my turn I was sure that Kayleigh would go for the food first, but she didn't! She came directly to me. So I showed here there was food on the plate next to me and then I gave her back to the trainer. This time I would have bet 100 euro that she would go for the food. But she came straight for me again! I smiled and secretly I was very proud of her! :)) Later we did your tip to make the dog 'listen" instead of "guessing". We did it with the Cone and the Hurdle. And indeed, almost all dogs went for the wrong object. Only after some trying did they start to listen to our voice. This is a great tip! I will retry this many times in the future, at least until I am certain that she does what I *say*, not wat she *thinks* I want from her!

Запись сделана с помощью

На всякий случай уточню: Кейли - шелти (поэтому все и ждали, что еда важнее).